Patty O’ Baggins Design

Patrick Higgins

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


“Brains, brains, and more brains! That’s what I’m all about when it comes to design. My mission is to feed my clients the best design feast they’ve ever had – juicy, flavorful, and satisfying to their budget. I believe design should be a brain-muncher, leaving a lasting impression and making you want to come back for more. With over 15 years of design experience in print, sign, and web, I’ve been a zombie in the design world, never stopping until I get what I want…or should I say, what my clients want. Braaaiiinnnsss!”

"Uncover Patty 'O Baggins': Brainy Design Expertise."

Design Strategy

"Brains over brawn, plan for undead success!"

Brand Identity

"Undead image, walk, talk, and bite as one."

Web Design

"WordPress Undead website design, no brainer solution."


Logo Design

"Bite-sized identity for the undead brand."


Application Design

"Undead simplicity, bite-sized user delight."


"Undead art, brain-stirring impressions, with style."

Why am i different?

“Zombie-proof your brand with Patty O’ Baggins Design! We differentiate from the herd with individualized attention, munching on small and big business branding needs. From brains to brawn, we feast on exceeding expectations through close collaboration and quality designs that’ll outlive a zombie apocalypse. Join the undead revolution, today!”

From my Clients

Summerized from Patty O’ Baggins Design Yelp page

“Awesome work! We have had vinyl decals for the company vehicle, front door, & business cards, all created by Patty ‘O Baggins! Always top quality designs, a very experienced Graphic Designer!! We don’t use anybody else, and neither should you!! 🙂

David Rainer

Owner, Computer Booter

“Patrick did a fantastic job listening to our vision of what message we wanted our company logo to communicate to potential customers. The logo he created is exactly what we wanted. Patrick’s prompt follow up & professionalism gives us the confidence to do business with him on future marketing initiatives. Excellent work!!

Rich Martin

Owner, Visitors Clubhouse Sports Travel

“Patrick is awesome! I needed a batch of business cards made in a hurry for a conference that’s in a couple of days. Everywhere else I inquired (including Online) told me the turnaround time is 3 days minimum. Then I found Patrick, whose home-based shop, as it turned out, is just down the street from my house. Not only was Patrick able to get the cards designed, printed and cut within a day, he was able to work with me very interactively on the card design.

Franklin Cai

TE, Engineering & Planning Consulting Service

“Patty O’ Baggins was capable of handing all aspects or the process; from brainstorming concepts to producing clothing. Patrick walked me through every step of production so I could concentraite on selling my products. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Daniel Robedee

Owner, DLR Clothing

“Quality work at a great price! Patrick goes the extra mile to really spend the time to get your idea right, then delivers a fantastic product. Flyers, business cards, & an email marketing campaign. I plan on working with Patrick once we are ready to create some merchandise.

Jessica Neu

Manager, Blue Sky Cleaners

“He’s great.  I had a last-minute bright idea to get t-shirts made for an event, and in a week he designed and turned around my order…the longest time I spent was searching everywhere for basic black t-shirts to use that I actually liked. Overall service and products were fantastic.  I highly recommend Patty O’ Baggins if you need t-shirts, signs, or anything else along those lines.”

Kimberly O.

Designer, Real Estate Staging