Logo Design

“Welcome to my Logo Design Gallery, where creativity and brand identity converge! My curated collection showcases a diverse array of meticulously crafted logos that exemplify the artistry and strategic thinking of my design.”

~ Patrick Higgins

Everyone's Place

Everyone’s Place Logo is a testament to the harmonious fusion of design and holistic wellness. The collaborative journey between Dr. Dandridge and myself culminated in a revitalized logo that intricately captures her acupuncture expertise and philosophy. This emblem not only represents her brand but narrates a story of healing and balance.

Visitors Clubhouse Sports Travel

I proudly unveil the outcome of a dynamic collaboration between Rich and myself. Together, we have brought his concept to life, seamlessly weaving together diverse sports imagery into a captivating emblem. This logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a testament to the excitement of sports and the thrill of travel.

WSATR - Western States Association of Tax Representatives

A strategic redesign born from a simple yet essential objective. The original WSATR logo, while symbolic, lacked a crucial element – the URL. Understanding the importance of driving web traffic, we embarked on a mission to address this challenge. This showcase celebrates the power of ingenuity, where design acts as a bridge between aesthetics and functionality.

Big Tone's Great American Snack Co.

Anthony, a respected veteran. Drawing inspiration from his persona and the evocative ‘mob’ essence, our design process was infused with creativity and purpose. By strategically incorporating the American flag, we seamlessly unified the elements, infusing the design with depth and symbolism. This emblem is more than a mere representation; it’s a testament to identity and values.

Three Dudes Farms

Through a process of deconstruction and meticulous vectorization, I’ve transformed three captivating photographs into an iconic symbol that encapsulates the spirit of this pioneering marijuana farm. The result is more than a logo; it’s a visual narrative of youth, ambition, and cultivation.

DLR Clothing

Where urban grit meets design ingenuity, this collaborative logo using Dan’s, vision to create a distinct urban vibe. Guided by the essence of hustle and persistence, our design journey was paved with creativity and determination. This brand stands as a tribute to the art of design, illustrating character while embodying the ethos of an unending journey.

Blue Butterfly Photos

When simplicity meets elegance in a harmonious blend within this exposition, we proudly reveal the culmination of a collaborative design with Rebeca, a visionary photographer with a penchant for refined aesthetics. As a tribute to the art of design, illustrating personal flair while embodying the essence of a creative spirit her mark stands above others.

Hustle Hard Fitness

The client wasn’t sure what they wanted and were open to my ideas right away. I was able to make a swift conception of the striking logo design, by marrying imagery, and text, by seamlessly integrating the weight references. This prompted client approval and catalyzed immediate integration, launching a cohesive visual identity across all subsequent projects.

Palapa Real Estate

After discussing their goal, it was easy to come up with a strategic approach to attracting high-value clients. Our conversations culminated in an opulent design with gold and wood accents. Allowing Palapa Real Estate the luxury of going after a more distinct client. The resulting emblem radiates distinction, embodied in a final product that exudes excellence. 

Saltire X Studios

Channeling Madam Grimm’s allure into a brand aesthetics and navigating the complexity of reflecting sensuality in design can be difficult, thru this process an intriguing emblem emerged. Remembering that balancing client desires with strategic vision is the key to illuminating a design solution while captivating an identity.

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