Design Projects

Blue Sky

Blue Sky Cleaners

Contacted over Yelp, by the esteemed Seattle franchise to collaborate on an exciting opportunity involving the creation of captivating advertisements and compelling coupons. Together, we crafted attention-grabbing advertisements and irresistible coupons that were designed to leave a lasting impact on the people of Seattle. It was an honor to have caught the attention of the Seattle franchise, and I eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute my expertise to their marketing endeavors sometime in the near future.

blue sky advert

Everyone’s Place

Everyone's Place Mobile Acupuncture & Wellness Service

During my initial interaction Tenisha expressed her dissatisfaction with her existing logo, which was mistaken for a hairdresser’s emblem. Eager to rejuvenate her brand identity, she sought my expertise in revamping her logo. The collaboration that ensued allowed us to craft a renewed logo that truly captures the essence of her brand, ensuring that it resonates powerfully with her target audience. It has been a privilege to contribute to Tenisha’s journey and witness the transformative impact that a well-crafted logo can have on a business’s perception.

Sports Travel

Visitors Clubhouse Sports Travel

When Rich approached us with the goal of establishing a brand identity that would grant him access to the high-end corporate market, we were thrilled to assist him on this exciting journey. We collaborated closely with Rich to develop a comprehensive strategy that aligned with his aspirations. We carefully curated every element, from the logo and color palette to the typography and overall aesthetic, ensuring they resonated seamlessly with the target audience in the corporate realm.