POB Coin Sticker


2.5″ Round Glossy Sticker

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This meticulously designed 2.5″ sticker signifies Patty O’Baggin’s exclusive brand. This beautiful design incorporates Patty’s Iconic leprechaun logo. To catch a glimpse of the exquisite Patty O’Baggins Challenge Coin, simply join me on Twitch, where I’ll be unveiling it during my streams. Just drop by and request to see it, and I’ll be thrilled to showcase its magnificence.

Additionally, I’ve already shared some exclusive photos on the Patty O’ Baggins, Patrick Higgins, and Lit Koinz Facebook pages, giving you a sneak peek into its allure. Twitch TV – Patty O’Baggins Stream Check out some more print-on-demand merch at my Redbubble Store. Redbubble Merch Site


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